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        2. Custom miRNA 3' UTR target cloning services

          Need a custom target design? Use GeneCopoeia custom cloning services to obtain a 3' UTR target clone of your choice.

          GeneCopoeia also offers a collection of pre-designed genome-wide human, mouse and rat microRNA 3' UTR targets in dual reporter vector system.

          Fill the form below for a quick quotation.

          * Required fields

          1. Enter your gene (gene symbol, accession number, gene ID)


          2. Species of interest *
          Other species ( Please specify )
          3. Provide your 3' UTR target sequence below *
          4. Choose a vector backbone *

          Choose Vector Promoter Selection marker Reporter/Tracking gene
          pEZX-MT05 Sv40 Neomycin GLuc-SEAP
          pEZX-MT06 Sv40 Neomycin hLuc-hRLuc
          My own vector You need to provide 5 µg purified plasmid, plasmid map and desired cloning sites

          5.Do you need a control? *

          miRNA 3' UTR target control clones

          Choose Catalog# Description
          CmiT000001-MT01 miRNA Target clone control vector for pEZX-MT01
          CmiT000001-MT05 miRNA Target clone control vector for pEZX-MT05
          6. Would you need luciferase assay kits? *

          Luciferase assay detection kit for use with pEZX-MT01 clones

          Choose Catalog# Description
          LPFR-M010 ?????????????????????????GeneCopoeia?3' UTR????????????miRNA????????? (100 reaction)
          LPFR-M030 Luc-Pair miR Luciferase Assay Kit (3)
          LPFR-M100 ?????????????????????????GeneCopoeia?3' UTR????????????miRNA????????? (10?100 reaction)

          Dual luminescence assay kit for use with pEZX-MT05 clones

          Choose Catalog# Product Description
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          9. Need more help? Please contact us at
          Email: sales@fulengen.com
          Call: 866-360-9531 or 301-762-0888
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